Typhoid fever is also known as an enteric fever, and it is a bacterial infection caused by the salmonella typhi. This disease is usually contracted and spread by food and water, which has been contaminated by typhoid affected persons. Often contracted while traveling in countries with poor hygiene or poor sanitation in the developing world, people can easily bring it back home with them after a holiday, as the first symptoms do not show until 7- 14 weeks after contamination. What are those symptoms? Please read on to be aware of the symptoms of typhoid fever.


1. Fever

Fever is quite common when the body is fighting an illness. When someone is suffering from typhoid fever, the body temperature will start low and then increase daily. This is called a recurrent fever. Coming and going in waves, the high temperature can get to as much as 104.9F (40.5C). This rise in body temperature may also feel like a hot flush, your body temperature will increase, the face becomes flushed, and there will be a strong urge to get fresh, cool air or sit down and rest.



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