Motion sickness is a fairly common condition. You experience this when the motion you see differs from the motion sensed by your inner ear. A lot of people experience motion sickness. It may happen when a person travels by sea, by land or by air. Some people might even experience this when they get on some types of amusement park rides.

Motion sickness is a progressive condition. It starts with a simple feeling of uneasiness then progresses to other symptoms. Finally, you might start feeling nauseated which may result in vomiting. Here are the different symptoms and treatments of motion sickness.


1. Uneasy feeling

The very first sign of motion sickness is getting an uncomfortable feeling. This is especially true for people who always experience this condition. You may get a general feeling of anxiety just because you know that you'll be traveling. Aside from this, you may also get the feeling that you're not well.

Remember that anxiety hastens and worsens the symptoms. If you often experience motion sickness, try using relaxation techniques. But if your anxiety is too much, you may consider seeking medical advice to lessen it.



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