A carpal boss, also known as bossing or carpometacarpal boss, is a bony growth or lump to develop on the back of the wrist, at the base of the carpal bone of either the pointer or middle finger. In most cases, this is not a serious condition and often needs no medical intervention. Occasionally, carpal boss causes pain and needs to be treated. If you have a lump or bump on the back of your wrist, a doctor can help you rule out other, more serious, conditions. It can be helpful to understand the symptoms and treatments of carpal boss


1. What Causes Carpal Boss?

If you have carpal boss, you may wonder how you got it. Doctors don't know the exact cause of it, but it seems to appear with repetitive stress such as performing the same movement in sports or work, over and over again. Golfers, tennis players, typists, and those who do repetitive work with their hands are at risk of developing carpal boss.

what causes a Carpal Boss

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