It is possible to catchBabesiosis from the bite of a little tick called Babesia microti. Babesiosis infects red blood cells. Elderly and sick individuals may suffer severe health damage from this infection. Yet this tick normally bites animals rather than people, so the chance of infection is slim, but it still could happen to people of all ages. The Northeastern states of the USA are one of the locations where this health risk is more common, but even here infections are rare. The ticks also occur in certain European countries.


1. No obvious signs of an infection

One of the distinctive features of babesiosis is that many healthy infected individuals experience no symptoms. Their immune system neutralizes the threat. Without any signs of infection, he or she has no reason to consult a doctor. There is no automatic rule that someone bit needs medical treatment. Most healthy people may continue to live as normal. However, someone with a weak immune system due to a serious illness or a transplant has reason to fear the effects of a tick bite. If they suspect this has occurred, they must get medical help.

infection Babesiosis


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