A muscle strain is a painful injury or swelling that occurs when the ligament tissue connecting two bones gets broken. While a pulled muscle isn't a serious problem, it can certainly hamper day-to-day activities. When a muscle is strained or pulled, there's usually damage to the muscle fibers and tissues. If you think you have a muscle strain, it's very important to see your health care practitioner, physiotherapist or athletic trainer to determine the type of injury and its seriousness. Here are some effective ways to treat a muscle strain injury and feel better.


1. Apply Ice

It's very important to appropriately treat the injury as soon as possible. Icing the muscle strain to soothe the pain, reduce swelling and inflammation is the best first aid you can get. Bleeding may occur in some cases because some muscles bleed when torn. Apply ice compressions frequently, just make sure not to overdo it — no more than 15 minutes every hour for serious injuries.



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