Ekbom syndrome is the sensation of bugs or parasites on the skin that aren’t there. People with this psychological condition physically feel bugs on their bodies similar to the pins and needles of restless leg syndrome. The difference is, people with Ekbom's truly believe bugs reside beneath their skin. This rare syndrome affects only about seven percent of the population or 100,000 for every 1 million people. It has many causes including organic disease, mental disorder, and medication or drug side effects.


1. History of Ekbom Syndrome

The first documented case of Ekbom's is from 1894, though it did not receive its current name until Swedish neurologist Karl-Axel Ekbom published accounts in medical papers of specific cases he had encountered in the 1930s. The neurologist is also known for his work on restless leg syndrome.

history of Ekbom syndrome

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