Many factors can cause vomiting. From an innocuous hangover to a more life-threatening tumor, vomiting is one of the body's natural mechanisms for getting rid of unwanted substances in the stomach. And it's bound to happen to us at one point or another. Even though it usually isn't dangerous, it is uncomfortable and even painful. Luckily, there are plenty of home remedies out there that can help to soothe the stomach and, hopefully, even cure it. Find out the top remedies for vomiting.


1. Ginger

Using ginger to relieve pain and other symptoms is just about the best thing you can do; it's considered to be one of the best home remedies against vomiting. It has been used over the ages in many cultures across the world, but Asia is where it's most prized. What makes ginger so useful in easing vomiting is its antiemetic properties, which can help you reduce the frequency and intensity of your vomiting. Fresh ginger is most effective, and to correctly use it; you should chew on it and swallow. Alternatively, drink ginger tea with honey.



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