Memory loss is an age old malady. Our forefathers used to try many traditional combinations of home remedies in an effort to help retain memory. In our modern age, things have drastically changed with an average person having to keep track of many daily necessities like, ATM PIN number, bank account numbers, Internet passwords and much more. For the younger generation, to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology, memory retention is all the more important, as it will assist them in their careers. The secret of preventing memory loss does not lie in medication - it lies in food. Our century old memory boosting solution has been effectively established through these ten simple homemade solutions, which have now been recognised by the scientific community too.


1. Rosemary

Rosemary is an effective herb that contains carbonic acid, which acts as a powerful anti- oxidant. Its medicinal value is not only limited to remembrance, but to easing of stomach cramps and migraines as well. Apart from its antioxidant property which dilates the cerebral vascular veins, Rosemary has been known to have enhanced memory simply by its smell. Parents have been known to spray the oil extract from this herb into the rooms of children during studies, just to help them do better on their exams. It is believed to help stimulate the neurotransmitters present in the brain for increased memory retention.


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