Heat stroke is a potentially life-threatening condition that develops when the body overheats, usually after prolonged exposure to the sun. This condition can affect people of any age but is most often seen in young children, athletes who train outdoors, during hot weather and people over the age of 50. When combined with dehydration, another common symptom in extreme heat, heat stroke can damage the brain and internal organs, and may even be fatal. Heat stroke is a medical emergency, and 911 or any other emergency services should be called as soon someone suspects this condition.


1. Extremely High Body Temperature

After spending a lot of time in the sun, the skin often becomes red, dry, and hot to the touch. This is one of the most easily recognizable signs of heat stroke. These signs indicate an increase in body temperature your body temperature; temperatures of 104°F(40°C) or higher indicate heat stroke. Such an abnormal increase calls for immediate removal from the hot environment and a doctor's appointment. Though a sunburn can also leave skin red and hot, the other symptoms of heat stroke will differentiate it from this milder condition.



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