Scurvy is vitamin C deficiency. The condition can cause issues such as anemia, exhaustion, or spontaneous bleeding. Other complications include pain in the limbs, particularly the legs, and swelling throughout the body. Scurvy can lead to ulceration of the gums, and tooth loss. People who do not get enough vitamin C may be in danger of contracting scurvy. Although the condition is uncommon, it can be fatal. Keep reading to learn more facts about scurvy.


1. Is Scurvy Contagious?

Scurvy is a vitamin C deficiency. A deficiency is an insufficient amount of something, which means scurvy is not contagious. It is not an illness like the flu. The leading causes of nutritional deficiencies include poor diet lacking in essential nutrients, or medication that prevents proper absorption. The body can store some nutrients, so the lack may not be caught until you have been without the nutrient for some time. You cannot pass a deficiency to anyone.


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