The neck is an integral part of human anatomy. It holds your head up, not to mention allows you to move your head in multiple directions. The neck contains vocal cords, which enable you to speak, not to mention the throat so you can eat and drink. Neck pain can come from a plethora of conditions and is just that: painful and uncomfortable. When your neck hurts, the pain can disrupt daily tasks and have long-term effects. Keep reading to gain a better understanding of symptoms and causes of neck pain, as well as when to see the doctor.


1. What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain comes from a variety of things from poor posture to trauma. In most cases, people experience neck pain without a specific reason. However, common causes include abnormalities in spinal bones and joints, whiplash, or 'wear and tear' from age. Genetics and even stress are two other factors. Ergonomics can also play a role in neck pain. Sleeping on a poorly supported mattress or sitting long hours in a poorly designed chair can lead to neck pain.


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