Marfan syndrome is a rare disease that affects the skeleton and many organs of the body. It is genetically communicated but can take on different forms in members of the same family. For example, some people with the syndrome are unusually tall with long and quite thin arms and legs. In other cases, the syndrome might lead to having flat feet, teeth that look as though they are crowded into the mouth or very deep-set eyes. In the majority of cases, the symptoms are on the mild side, but they tend to worsen as a person ages.


1. Curved Spine

In some cases, Marfan syndrome causes the spine to curve to the side. Doctors call this condition scoliosis. The extent to which this condition interferes with normal life depends on the severity of the spine curvature. Damage to the spine varies. In the lightest cases, they experience a slight backache, but in the most severe instances, they must cope with bad back pains over an extended period. The spine may start to press against the lungs and heart and give the patient breathing difficulties.

what is marfan syndrome


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