Any caregiver knows that when a toddler develops a fever, concern is inescapable. Parents wonder why the fever developed, if they should administer medication, and when they need to call a pediatrician. Often, a toddler fever is not cause for extreme worry or doctor intervention. Fevers should be viewed as helpful signs of illness, not illness themselves. Learning to identify the differences between the need for home care and the need for medical care can help calm parental fears.


1. Toddler Fever Levels

Fevers below 100 degrees Fahrenheit may be a sign of the body's response to something routine, like a recent vaccination. If the fever is slightly higher, but the child is still alert and playful, then the issue is probably not that serious. Fevers of 102 or higher in children between three and 36 months, coupled with feelings of discomfort, require a doctor's visit as they may be signs of a more serious condition.

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