Luckily, you don’t have to be a millionaire to travel to some of the world’s most extraordinary places. Sure–resorts and 3-star restaurants are great, but you can still have a memorable time by taking a backpacking vacation or finding a cheerful bed and breakfast to hang your hat. If you want to get away but don’t want to drain your savings account to do it, be sure to keep these cheap destinations in mind. They won’t disappoint you!.

1. Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Peninsula, Mexico

There are many places to visit in the Baja Peninsula that are associated with incredible travel deals. For instance, if you’re a wine lover, head to Vallee de Guadalupe. It’s famous for its amazing vineyards, but it won’t cost you anywhere near the amount you’d be likely to spend in Napa Valley. There are several world-class wineries in the area and plenty of taste testings and vineyards to enjoy.

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