With all the recent scandal, fake pages built by Russian trolls, constant political fights and the continuous time suck that Facebook has become in our everyday lives, more and more people are deleting the social media app altogether. But it’s not as easy as just removing the app from your phone or blocking it from your computer; as we have learned through a number of Congressional testimonies, a Facebook profile leaves a deeper, longer lasting impression on the Internet than most people know. Below are the steps for properly deleting your Facebook profile and adding more time (and privacy) to your daily life.

1. First, Say Bon Voyage to All the People You Connected with on the Site

One of the greatest things about Facebook is that it allowed you to easily connect with people you may have lost touch with that you wish you hadn’t lost touch with over the course of your life. Well, by leaving Facebook you’ll also lose your easy connection to them as well. So first contact all of the friends who are actual friends and let them know you are leaving and how they can contact you in the future. Because you don’t want to lose touch with them just because you’re done with Facebook.