While it would be quite easy to say that chopsticks began their life over 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty in China, it’s considerably more likely that they have been around as long as twice that and date to the Shan Dynasty.

Regardless of the timeline, they have been the most prolific dining utensil in East Asia for thousands of years. While they are used differently in many countries, at the end of the day, they are all instrumental to both preparation as well as simple dining on cold/warm or hot food.

Let’s have a look at how best to use your chopsticks.

1. Use Your Chopsticks To Start A Blog

You can give a six-year-old an iPad and they will find a couple of hundred uses for disposable chopsticks. While it was the Chinese that invented these iconic utensils, it was the Japanese that produced the first pair of disposable chopsticks in the late 19th Century.

And as your child with a tablet and Google skills will tell you, you can use chopsticks to prop up new plantings or include their watering instructions. Clean hard to reach places, skewer food, toast marshmallows. Make a new home for your backyard birds, and on and on and on.

If the editor of this piece would allow it, the second tip on “How to Use Chopsticks” would include starting a second blog with another 100 uses for disposable chopsticks. But instead, it’s better to concentrate on their primary use, eating.

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