Do you love scrambled eggs, but hate it when they come out all dry and rubbery? Or maybe you’re not a fan of scrambled eggs because you’ve been served scrambled eggs that were too dry, too watery, overcooked, or undercooked? Perhaps they just didn’t taste good. As simple as scrambled eggs are, they can be tricky to make right. Too much liquid and the scrambled eggs fall apart. Too long on the stove top and your scrambled eggs could patch your car’s tires. Here are sure-fire tips that will help you make perfect scrambled eggs every time.

1. Get the Freshest Eggs Possible

If you want perfect scrambled eggs, you have to start with the right kind of eggs. Throw out that old carton of stale eggs and get the freshest eggs you can. Either from the farmer’s market, supermarket, or natural foods store. It wouldn’t hurt to have your own chickens. But if that’s not an option, getting quality, fresh eggs will make a world of difference.