If you’re meeting with a gathering of people and are looking for a way to have fun while helping everyone get to know each other, consider playing a game of “Never Have I Ever.” This classic drinking game will help break the ice. Each time you start a round with never have I ever…and someone has done it, they take a drink. Since it can be difficult to think of all those questions during the fun, we’ve collected several batches right here for you to enjoy! You can also play with points instead of drinks.

1. Batch 1

Never have I ever…

…gotten fired from a job.

…ran away from home.

…seen the original Star Wars movie.

…locked my keys in the car.

…eaten a bug.

…flirted with a professor.

…read War and Peace.

…eaten a Big Mac.

…sent a text to the wrong person.

…called an ex while drinking.

…made Thanksgiving dinner.

…pulled a prank on someone.

Never Have I Evermartin-dm / Getty Images