The human body is a strange beast. There are some things it does that even experts have no explanation for. One of the most common is yawning. We all yawn, and we all know when we’re doing it. We do it when we’re tired, we do it when we’re bored. For such a small question, there’s a huge amount of debate around it. While nobody really knows exactly why we yawn, there are a few theories that can go a little way in explaining.

1. It Wakes Us Up

One of the main hypotheses of why we yawn is the arousal hypothesis. Due to the fact we yawn more when we’re tired, scientists hypothesize that yawning helps us to wake up. Increased fidgeting and stretching reset the range of sensitivity of the eardrum. When the eardrum is able to function right, we’re more able to function in the world around us.

yawnjkitan / Getty Images