Communism is a term that is often thrown about. We hear it on the news, we hear it bandied about in political arguments, and we’ve likely come across it at some point in textbooks. Even so, many of us don’t know or recall precisely what communism is. As a political theory, it has been both praised and demonized since it was made famous in the manifesto of 1848 written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Many of today’s nations still ascribe to communism—or, at least, some form of it.

1. What Is Communism?

Communism is a political theory that is in practice in various nations. However, some critics would argue that there has never been a “pure” form of it ever put into practice. The theory of communism purports that there is an association between the problems in society and an unequal distribution of wealth. Instead, supporters of this ideology believe in the idea of abolishing private property and a profit-based economy in favor of public ownership. Supporters also understand that revolution would be essential to bring about a communistic form of government as the wealthy would never willingly give up their wealth.

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